Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Well, this past weekend I started my Copaxone injections.  A Copaxone trained nurse came to the house on Saturday and spent two hours going over things and giving us injection hints.  Since she has MS and has been taking Copaxane for years, she had a lot of useful information that just a nurse couldn’t offer.

She talked me into doing my very first injection all by myself. I have never given myself an injection and I have done different types of injections for about three years. We decided to inject in my stomach, which I’ve never injected there before. I did it, it was nothing! I have been terrified to inject my stomach for some reason, now I know it’s no biggie.

I had no bruising or lumps with my first two injections, but the past two have left their mark. Last night was in my arm which didn’t hurt at all but left an instant bruise.


Tonight was my right thigh, this is what was left behind…


Oh the joys of MS, at least the injections aren’t extremely painful…so far.

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