Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So on our way to eat last night, one of my sister's, Cari texted me to tell me that my niece, Sydney's spine was extremely curved. She sent me a picture of the x-ray and holy shit was she not lying.

As terrible as it sounds, I am not surprised by this. Our family is full of back issues. So now Cari is waiting to hear from Riley Children's Hospital  to set up an appointment with a Pediatric Orthopedic. Let's hope that the worst thing that they have to do is make her wear a brace to straightener her out. I will pray that no surgery is involved, their family has been through enough the way it is. Cari is trying to recover from back surgery herself and her husband Steve tore his pec muscle and rotator cuff, this is just not what they needed to have to deal with.

Kitty and Birthday

Where to begin, it's a while since I have been here so let's see if I can remember what has gone on recently. Oh, well my daughter has managed to talk us into getting her a cat. We have gone to Petco, PetSmart, the Pet Refuge and the Humane Society for her to look and love on every cat. She has decided on a 1 year old female calico that we found at Petco. Her name is Sally but I highly doubt that she will keep that name. She is pretty sweet and adorable...for now, ask me in a week a two to see if I still feel the same way. I have a feeling that my daughter won't let her out of her bedroom other than to use the litter box or eat. lol  We have an appointment at 12:30 to go pick up the kitty, but first I guess we better take our asses to a store to buy food and a litter box and whatever else we need.

Yesterday was my birthday, just another day to me but to my wonderful husband he thought I deserved a bit of special treatment. I don't know how I ever got so lucky to have such a loving man. I wouldn't trade him for anything, I can't imagine ever being without him. He took me to eat at Olive Garden and some how secretly informed the hostess that it was my birthday so after our meal the waitress brought me a cake, thank goodness no one sang. We both had a very small piece of cake and then went to Ritter's Frozen Custard, I was about to explode the way it was but I manage to eat an extremely delicious Turtle Sundae.  Even without the wonderful supper and delicious frozen custard my birthday would have been perfect just because I was able to share it with the greatest husband.

So happy I have my wonderful husband, and sisters in Indiana to give a shit about me since my own mother, son and sister in Virginia didn't even bother to take the time to wish me happy birthday. I'll take that as I am no longer in the "Will". lol

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let it go already

I may not have been perfect over the years and I am certainly not perfect now, but I deserve to not be bashed and treated like shit from the very people that are supposed to love me. Whatever, I have tolerated being called lazy, a bad mother, bitchy and God knows what else, and it would be a God damn shame if any of these people ever stopped for one second and jumped down off of their high horses long enough to see the life long pain I have endured. It took 35 years before I got a diagnosis and I can honestly say since I have been treated for my ailments I have become a better, happier person, and have apologized for any past treatment of others,  but of course those that have condemned me for my short comings all of these years can't see past what they have made of me.

I came into this world with a mother, father, and three sister's, and up to this point I only have two sisters left...not by my choice but by the choice of the other three that have chose to be self righteous and unforgiving. Yet by the same token, all can be forgiven by these same self righteous fools if I was the alcoholic, abusive father or brother or the daughter that never questioned what was said.

Finding a wonderful man and all the happiness that I have missed my whole life has been like a cancer to those that have bashed me and thought very little of me. It has eaten away at them to the point that they still belittle me, even though they no longer communicate with me. To them I am not worthy of love and happiness. Maybe they are jealous of my relationship since one of them keeps their husband around to supposedly pacify her grandson/son and the other just doesn't want to be alone, so having ANY one around is better than NO one and sticking their nose where it sure as hell doesn't belong because their life isn't exciting enough.

There are no perfect mothers out there and to the one who thinks she is, has no right to horn in and take away any child and brain wash them. Being a good mom doesn't mean giving a child every material object they desire or letting them have their way always. It's teaching them how to be self sufficient, what is right and wrong and letting them know they are loved.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


My thoughts on Tumblr are this...IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeff and I thought we would check out Tumblr and see what it was all about, have to say that neither one of us were impressed. I will definitely be sticking with Blogspot,

Bring That Sugar Down!

Ok, so here we go, my blood sugar has been through the roof lately. I am trying to be a good girl and start watching what I eat and drink. It's been 3 days since I have sweet tea, and I am alive! I thought it would be a lot harder than what it is to go without it. With any luck, maybe I will lose a few pounds in the process.