Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So on our way to eat last night, one of my sister's, Cari texted me to tell me that my niece, Sydney's spine was extremely curved. She sent me a picture of the x-ray and holy shit was she not lying.

As terrible as it sounds, I am not surprised by this. Our family is full of back issues. So now Cari is waiting to hear from Riley Children's Hospital  to set up an appointment with a Pediatric Orthopedic. Let's hope that the worst thing that they have to do is make her wear a brace to straightener her out. I will pray that no surgery is involved, their family has been through enough the way it is. Cari is trying to recover from back surgery herself and her husband Steve tore his pec muscle and rotator cuff, this is just not what they needed to have to deal with.

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