Thursday, July 7, 2011

Neuro Update

Well the latest Neuro visit went well I suppose. It is difficult to understand the doctors European accent most of the time, but he is very thorough and informative. My LP came back negative, meaning that no MS or other virus’ showed up in my spinal fluid. My EEG, VER and BAER were all negative as well. As far as my blood work goes, who the hell knows. The lab never sent the results over to his office, so now I have to wait for them to call the lab to get the results.

He discussed all of the different medications for MS with me and gave me information on Rebif and is going to have the nurse contact me so she can come to my home and show me how to use it properly. That is, as long as nothing else shows up in my blood work.

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  1. Usually I don't like NEGATIVE things...but in this case I am so liking it!!! I think this is good news don't you?