Friday, July 1, 2011

Not So Bad

Well I showed up for my appointment this morning at 9:00 and was prepared for the long hours ahead. The first test we did was the EEG. I sat in a nice comfortable recliner where the technician placed the electrodes on my head. Then I reclined and got all relaxed with the help of the sound of the ocean. She then had me open and close my eyes a few times, take deep breaths and then with my eyes closed turned on a strobe light. That was my least favorite part, even with my eyes closed it was sooooo blinding. The whole process took maybe about 30 minutes. After removing the electrodes, we moved to the room next door where another big comfortable recliner was waiting for me. Once again I sat down and relaxed while she put more electrodes on my head. Then she gave me head phones to put on, it began with little clicks on the left side,  that lasted for a few minutes and then it switched to the right side. That was all for the Auditory test, next was the Visual test. I had to put a patch over my right eye and watch a little white square in the middle of a black and white checkered pattern that constantly moved, then switched to the left eye. That was the end of all the testing. She didn’t do the one that zaps you, as I call it. So after thinking that I was in for hours of fun, all in all I was only there for about an hour and a half.

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  1. I am so glad that this wasn't a terrible process for you. Lord knows you've been through enough so far. Let us know your results.