Monday, April 16, 2012


Went to disability court today.  They put us in a conference like room with the Judge sitting up high like in a usual court room and then there was an eight foot table running perpendicular to the Judge where we sat.  The only people allowed in the room was the Judge, the court reporter, the attorney , Jeff and I. Oh and the guy that sits on the other end of the speaker phone listening until he is asked if I am capable of doing the jobs I have done in the past, and if not, is there any jobs that I can do?  The Judge rambled on at the beginning and then he proceeded to ask me questions about my daily activities, what causes me pain, what helps, what I can and can not do. The attorney then asked me some questions, then the Judge questioned the attorney and then he questioned Jeff and FINALLY he spoke to the guy on the phone to wrap it all up.


Before being dismissed, he complimented my attorney on being so helpful and organized and he wished all attorneys were like that. After we left the room she told us that she thought it went good. Now we just wait…..

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