Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day o' Fun

Today was wonderful! Well it didn't start out so great. I had went 2 days without taking my Cymbalta because I ran out and it is so expensive, I thought I would try to get off of it. HUGE mistake!!! Talk about feeling like complete and total shit! I had my husband run to Walgreen's to get it first thing this morning, guess I needed a fix. lol  I got up and showered hoping it would make be feel better, but that backfired. Then my day started to get better, I got a text from my niece, Amber. Her and my sister, Christy were going shopping over by me and invited me along. I love spending time with my sister's, nieces and nephew's, other than my husband, they are my favorite people on Earth. We had a fabulous day just wandering through Barnes n Noble, Target and The Christmas Tree Shoppe. We scored big at The Christmas Shoppe! I have been in search of a beach umbrella anchor and Christy remembered seeing one in their ad.

For a whopping $1.99, so excited!

They also had a beach buggy that I would love to have to drag all of my crap through the sand. It, on the other hand, was not so cheap.

Another bargain was Spray Sunscreen for only $2.99. I think I will go back and get a few more bottles at that price.

Amber is always being silly and I, of course have to snap pictures...

He went to Jared!

Her boyfriend has been replaced!

Does this come in a bigger size?

Nothing better for summer fun than a Gazillion Bubbles

Just in case you aren't picked on enough, wear this around the neighborhood...

or this one

Looking through them with her "Special Eyes"

Who in the hell would ever want this hanging on their wall?

She has

Oh my sweet, goofy Amber, she makes me laugh.

At Target we also came across some Retro toys, which took me waaaaaay back to my childhood.

I had ALL of these toys and I remember playing with them all, but my favorite one was the Record Player. Oh to be a child again, with not a care in the world!

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