Thursday, June 2, 2011

My MS Symptom List

So I have decided that I am going to keep track of my MS symptoms here because I tend to put things "where I will remember" where I put them and of course I never do.

Muscle weakness in arms and legs
Tingling and creepy crawling sensation in legs and feet
Extreme fatigue
Sore feet
Pain in hips with limited movement
Pain in spine and lower back with limited movement
Finger joints hurt
Oh who am I kidding, all joints hurt
Tingling in face and tongue
Funky feeling in eyes and head
Shortness of breath
Rib pain
Tender abdomen to touch
Memory problems
Mood swings
Concentration problems
Twitching muscles
Head shaking
Episodes of head shaking, paralysis, crying, speech jumbled
Problem finding words
Slurred speech
Blurry spot in eyes
Periphial vision loss at times
Night vision is poor
Problems hearing if there is any background noise
Problems swallowing
Constipation followed by constant bowel movements
Balance is off
Trip over own feet because my leg just won't move
Heat Intolerance
Sore scalp to touch
Occasional leg spams

That is all that is coming to mind as of right now, like I need any more issues!

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