Friday, June 17, 2011

What a Freaking Nightmare

After having an LP done on Wednesday I had developed a spinal headache. This morning when I woke up I felt like the front of my head was going to literally explode! The only thing I knew to do was to have a blood patch done, so I called Cari to come and take me. Jeff had already missed two days this week due to Samantha having her adenoids out and my LP so I didn't want to have him leave work to take me. Cari came to get me and off we went with me in my PJ's to the Pain Management Clinic at Memorial Hospital. They said they could get me in at 11:00, well they failed to mention that they were squeezing me in and we waited forever. When they finally got to me, they told Cari she had to go to the waiting room. Now this is where the fun begins...they had me lay on my side and started the procedure. First she numbed it, which didn't feel so good and then she tried several times to find the space to insert the needle. After several tries, and hitting bone, because apparently I have too much arthritis in my back, she decided that she needed to use x-ray to help guide her. They had me lay on my stomach with 3 pillows under me to help expand my spine so she could get into the space much easier. Well after numbing me up some more, here we go again! She managed to get it right in, but then came hell. I felt a sudden heat wave come over me, sweat was pouring and I felt like I was going to throw up. I announced the latter and that I needed to move and I would feel better. In a matter of seconds I was panting and dry heaving, as quick as it started, they had a cold rag on me, a pan next to my mouth, oxygen and was calming me down. I stayed face down dry heaving, all the while repeating for them to hurry and finish. As soon as she got the blood injected they quickly rolled me onto another bed. I immediately felt better. I don't know if it was from my big belly being pushed on or if she hit right on a nerve or a combination of both, but damn it, I will never go through that again. It was a nightmare!

Good news is that it did it's job and got rid of my spinal headache, bad news is that the pain in my back and hips is horrible, Oy vey! Annnnnnd, to add to the crap of a week, my insurance FINALLY approved my tonsillectomy and uvelectomy so I can have my gianormous tonsils out to help with my sleep apnea. After months and months, they decide it's ok. Well the timing couldn't be worse, soccer conditioning has started which means Skyler will need rides to and from at the crack of dawn, if I wait until July Samantha will be in Summer School at Disney. God forbid insurance approve it when it was convenient for me.

All in all, let's just chalk this week up to being not the best I've had all year.

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