Friday, June 10, 2011

First Neuro Visit

Lucky me, I had my first Neuro appointment yesterday. It involved lots of neurological tests like touching by nose and standing with my feet together with my eyes open and then closing them. Apparently it’s a bit of a problem if you fall to the side when you close your eyes. lol  Who knew I had that problem? Not me!  He checked all my reflexes and reflexes that I never knew existed. I was scratched on with a pin and had a light shined in my eyes, and they drew at least 7 vials of blood.  He asked me a thousand questions and asked Cari (my sister) another thousand about me. So by the end he concluded that I had MS and other diseases merging with it. The only problem is that he is unsure of what the other diseases would be.

So now I am in for lots of testing and waiting. I’m not looking forward to having the Lumbar Puncture (LP) done. Being poked in the spine and having to lay in bed on my back all day is by no means my idea of fun. Then I have a fun filled day of testing that include an EEG (electroencephalogram), VER and ABER ( Hopefully after all of the testing and thousands of questions I will finally get some answers.

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